Satisfactory Progress Policy

*except LPN students.  Please refer to the specific LPN policy.
Tosuccessfully complete their program, students must display awillingness to listen, to study, to attend school, and to concentrate.  Astudent's progress is measured by two standards: Grades and Pursuit ofProgram.  Measurement points for courses of 900 hours or less are at thecourse mid-point and final.  Measurement points for courses over 900hours in length are after each 450 hours.
Ingeneral, students must maintain a "C" average, but some courses mayrequire a more stringent standard.  Any such exceptions will be noted inthe course information.  Also, students will be allowed no more than150% of a course's scheduled length to successfully complete thecourse.  Students may be charged for extra hours required to finish acourse.
Students who fail to maintain SatisfactoryProgress will be given a WARNING.  They will have ONE, and ONLY ONE,program measurement period to improve their grades and program pursuit. After that warning period, a student who still does not meet theSatisfactory Progress Policy will be terminated from the program.  Thereis NO APPEAL process for this type of dismissal.  Students who aredismissed from school under this policy may, with the permission oftheir instructor and the Director, make re-application for the programafter a period of 180 days from their last date of attendance.  Ifre-admission is granted, the student will be treated as a new studentand charged accordingly.
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